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Pebble Dashing

As one of the premier pebble dashers in Kent and Essex, we provide all aspects of pebble dashing and exterior plastering services to a professional standard, ensuring that all of our customers come away fully satisfied with our work.


Pebble dashing is a cost effective means of covering unsightly brickwork or breeze blocks and can be used to add a sense of character that is often associated with period properties. By the nature of its textured appearance and natural rustic charm, pebble dash can transform the look of a building drastically.


The term ‘pebble dash’ is used to describe this external rendered finish because smooth pebbles or jagged spa are thrown, or “dashed” onto a topcoat of render so that they stick to it before it dries and provide a weathering surface. Some pebble dash renders are referred to as ‘spa’ which consists of jagged chippings that are then embedded into and adhere to the render better, which tends to last longer.